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At last they updated VOBG to Bangalore/Hindustan

I did drop the National Weather Service an email (as mentioned here)

I just thought I'd bring a small thing to your notice. Your site says "No station matched the supplied identifier." when I input VOBG as the 4 letter ICAO code (which in fact is the code for the Bangalore Airport) but has data on VOBG at

I guess you may have to update your Location lists & add the Bangalore Airport as you do provide data on it, but don't have it listed under Airports in India.


And didn't actually expect them to respond, but hey they did :) They added Bangalore (ICAO Station Code : VOBG) to the list of Airports & updated their DB :) W00t!!. That means my GKrellm now tells me its looking at Bangalore/Hindustan (named after the HAL Airport) Now when you search for VOBG here you get

ICAO Location Indicator: VOBG
Station Name: Bangalore / Hindustan
Country: India
WMO Region: 2
Station Position: 12-57N 077-40E (dms)
Station Elevation (Ha): 888 Meters

In case your interested the reply I got from them is

Shyam Mani:

Station Information for VOBG Bangalore, India has been added to the database, and is now
represented on the web page.

Thank you for your inquiry.

NWS Internet Services Group

Alright Bangalore, I've got you up on GKrellWeather, now its upto the Gnome guys to get you up on their Weather Applet :)

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