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The Unknowns

To start off, the day was pretty much normal....woke up at the usual time, went to college (Saturdays.....heh) only to find out that the lecturer (who's sole job in college is to take our class & only our class) was absent or shall I say didn't show up. Ah well. Came back & logged in to get the FOTD which was :

Democracy is good. I say this because other systems are worse. -- Jawaharlal Nehru

which seemed pretty apt with the elections coming up & the amount of utter garbage (read party flags & other propaganda) that has been tied up without so much of an inch of uncovered space left.

After an afternoon nap, I've been trying to convince/coax mom & dad into buying a puppy. This is the time I've met with most success, they've agreed to see the pup.... Dad's still not too happy about the idea, Mom wants a pup...but can't decide if its worth the effort/added strain on her. And then there's always money (which screws up the equation, as I just learned a few minutes ago...)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed & praying hard. I've never pestered them for anything, because pestering/being adamant won't get me anywhere with them (learnt that one a LONG time back hehe)...let's just say I'm pushing hard.

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