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Weekend Hangover??

Almost close to nothing done at work today. Just sat, downloaded stuff....chatted with people, looked up some things that we needed & that's about it. Experimented with cdrecord & burn:///. Couldn't blank an RW successfully.... ah well. UT 2004 demo works pretty well in software mode on Linux, will try the OpenGL mode sometime tomorrow. On a NVidia Riva TNT2 Ultra....the gameplay is not bad at all (i'll be able to compare better on Windows on which I've played the UT 2003 demo), but the game deserves a GeForce 4 :) minimum. The maps are excellent (went through all the screenshots), so are the new Gameplay modes, Assault (makes a comeback after it was left out in UT 2003) & Onslaught. The Vehicles look pretty cool too. Check out the official site and this one as well.

Hopefully tomorrow today is going to be more productive.

Things to be done on Gentoo :

  • emerge -u world

  • emerge -C xfree

  • emerge xorg-x11

  • emerge openoffice-bin

  • emerge chromium

  • emerge epiar

  • emerge frozen-bubble

  • emerge ut2004-demo

  • emerge flightgear

  • emerge wesnoth

  • emerge mplayerplug-in

The last one needs gecko-sdk. I've decided to migrate to X.Org since XFree86 isn't exactly going places. The list of games (wesnoth, flightgear, epiar, frozen-bubble) are those suggested by louiswu...if they're not good, he's dead.


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Apr. 13th, 2004 07:46 pm (UTC)
UT04 = great

and don't be fooled by the demo - game needs some serious hardware optimizations. i had to fool around with the BIOS, update PCI/AGP hardware, shut down almost all processes and play around with the settings before i could get the game to run maxed - and this is on my FX5600 (admittedly on a fairly weak processor - 1.6 GHz)

but ONS = beautiful and Leviathan = scary. and the 1-on-1 maps = crazy difficult...

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