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Messed Fonts

Switched to X.Org from XFree86 & no notable differences as such apart from the name of the config file /etc/X11/xorg.conf & the pretty messed up fonts (font rendering to be precise). louiswu was getting a kick out of seeing me in such a nice state. Lets just say that I love good-looking things & my fonts weren't looking nice. Yeah they looked great on the selection menu, but fscked up on the screen. Especially firefox & thunderbird rendered fonts really sucked (& they still do). I'm using epiphany till I solve this issue. Maybe I'll get firefox & compile from source.... because as far as I can see, compiled programs are rendering fonts fine & its only the binaries that look really messed.

To kind of add a little more to my misery, louiswu kinda magically messed up my Gnome desktop settings (read I backed up the settings & restored them, but somehow things didn't work out) so here I am sitting & messing around with those as well. Starting out with a cleaned up config worked, my wallpapers are now showing up properly (the thumbnail view in Gnome 2.6).

Bottomline, fonts look sucky. I don't think it's an X.Org problem...but I'd sure like to know what's causing this. Oh & if you're a Firefox fan, epiphany SUCKS too. I just can't stand it.

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