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Fonts Part 2 & other stories

Ok, now I've got the fonts to look decent (thanks louiswu). It seems the problem lies in X.Org (or something) not able to render Luxi fonts properly. Bitstream Vera fonts look fine, so that's what we're using right now.

In other news, I got an FC in my VII Sem & didn't flunk ACA. I'm ecstatic that I didn't flunk it :) What makes me even more happy is the fact that I don't have to study it again lol & that the book can now go to the dump. rattle_snake is the class topper, I confirmed that just a while back. Congrats to him :)) Oh & I'm the one who got the results thanks to WiredSafety's IRCd box, hosted by Vectori. 9Gb connections help when the whole of Karnataka is trying to access results :) I had mine by about 1030ish & after about 1100 the VTU server gave up.

Sify's been having link problems over the last 2 days. Yesterday it was the Atlantic link & today the Bombay-Bangalore one. The guys over at CCS (Corporate Customer Services) who share their workspace with us, have been having 2 very hectic days days straight. Fun to see them going bonkers over important lines flunking or routers conking or some telephone exchange somewhere screwing up or some line suddenly peaking....

Our first Internals have been postponed to sometime next week. Now that is nice news :). I still have to start work on my seminar. That's scheduled for the 24th..& that means I have one of two options. a) Slog & b) Postpone. Option b) looks amazingly pleasing now....

Frozen Bubble rulez, so does Epiar. Yet to try Flightgear & Wesnoth. Epiar has the potential to become an excellent game, it's well on its way.... & Frozen Bubble is nice timepass. Oh yeah louiswu shall live, 2/2 isn't a bad score ;)

I'm leaving early tomorrow with Dad to pick up the car from Sundaram Motors. The vibration's been fixed according to the FIAT representative & we'll see how it goes. I'm very pissed off with them for taking so long to diagnose what the problem was. Seems the left front tyre tube wasn't meant to be in a Palio (it was an Indica tube, my ex-driver will pay for this if I meet him again).

PS : Anyone know why some of my mp3's don't play on xmms (when I double-click, it just skips the song...moves to the next) while madplay plays them fine ??

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