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The car is back to normal :) We did about 120 Kmph on the Outer Ring Road (that connects the Tumkur Road to Magadi Road) & she was as smooth as silk. Seems 2 of the tires had some problems (which for some reason Sundaram Motors took SO long & didn't spot). One tyre had an Indica tube, the other had some extra rubber padding which was not required. After both were rectified, the vibration just disappeared.

Nice day at Sify, did quite a bit of work (after wasting the whole week lol). I might go there tomorrow as well, as we don't have classes at college tomorrow.

Wonderful Victory for India, beating the pakis twice by an Innings (on a fast, bowlers track the second time) really shows how well our boys can play. Mom followed the whole day's proceedings live ;) & we were keeping track of the score at the office. Well done guys, keep up the good work.

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