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Que Sera Sera

Spike had his first visit to a Vet today. I was surprised by a) the number of other dogs there, b) How well behaved they all were & c) How scared they all were to go into the consultation room!!!. There was this huge (really huge) German Shepard right next to me & as soon as it was his turn to visit the doc, he was pulling on his leash...towards the exit lol. Almost all the dogs there had to be hauled into the consultation room, except Spike of course who's way too small :) & he put on his best behaviour for the doctor (cunning lad).

In a few weeks time, things around the house will be messed unless I can get him to forget the rugs, slippers & concentrate on his tennis ball. Yesterday night was quite tiring as I had to get up at 0038 & then 0410 to feed him. Hopefully that doesn't happen today. Right now he's sleeping right next to my bed, oblivious to everything else. I've taken a few pics, I'll put them up sometime.

I'm planning to exercise my franchise tomorrow. After that its off to college with good ole louiswu to find out how the hell they expect us to 15 min "seminars". And then Sify (yeah...they're working).

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