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Enlightened, Again ;)

CLI does rule, but then GUI has its own appeal. I guess I just love to have a nice GUI & sometimes, it just gets to the point where a new revamped GUI is what feels good. I went through some screenshots on the Gentoo Forums, where users had posted their screens for the month of April & boy was I stunned.

My font problem after switching to X.Org seems to be amplified in Gnome when compared to Enlightenment. Although I have Gnome, Fluxbox, XFCE4 installed, I went back to Enlightenment today...and this time, she does look real sexy ;) I've put up a screenshot of my current desktop, running Enlightenment e-16 on Kernel 2.6.5 over here (Warning : Image size >= 216 KB & although I have Monica Bellucci on Desktops 3 & 4, don't think she's going to be on with parents around :D ). I didn't want to cut down on the resolution, hence the large size.

I'll maybe spend sometime every month on changing the look & feel of my desktop. With some really amazing tools out sure is interesting.

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