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Gran Premio F1 Foster's Di San Marino

4/4 for Schumacher & I guess Kimi will be happy about his first "finish" of the season.

Wonderful start for Button, kept going very well till the first pitstop & then the Ferrari strategy got to him. I guess Michael Schumacher & to some extent Montoya should be pulled up for that really aggressive piece of driving earlier on & I guess Schumi held his line a bit too aggressively. Apart from that, the race was fun. Barrichello had a nice time trying to get past the Renault & Ralf was also not having the best of races, first the close encounter with Montoya & then the one with the Renault due to which he spun. Sato's blowup was HUGE & they didn't show a replay. I guess that's the first time a BAR engine has blown up that spectacularly this season (the honors were with McLaren till this race). "Sucker" did what he does best. Sucked ;) Had his nose cone taken-out early....& I guess its better for him to sit out races rather than go out there & screw it.

10 years ago, I remember watching Ayrton Senna crash his car during the very same Grand Prix. I still remember those scenes where they took him out of the car & airlifted him to hospital. He went into a coma & died about 10 hours later. I'm glad that the FIA has taken efforts since then to ensure Driver Safety in the sport. The very fact that no driver has lost his life on the circuit since Senna is a testament to that.

Senna, you'll always live on in our hearts.


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Apr. 26th, 2004 03:28 am (UTC)
Senna, you'll always live on in our hearts.
Yep. Senna was the God of Racing.
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