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And the 5 lights go out to start the GP.....

I'm done with my preparations for my seminar. All the stuff I need is on CD & ready to go. rythm will be coming along for company :) I have a few screenshots too.

I tried out a few more Linux games today. Search & Rescue is a MUST if you are a flight sim freak. Its not too big, has decent graphics & controls is OpenGL based & has missions where you have to perform rescues (for example : getting a person out of the sea, taking them to hospital etc). UT 2004 demo for Linux just sucked on my comp. I still have to try it out with everything set to low. VegaStrike is a Space based RPG, something like Epiar x 100. It wasn't running very well, so no brownie points for it. Has some weird graphics that are supposed to give you an out of the world experience. Also ran flightgear for a short while, seems graphics intensive when compared with S&R, but then FG is way more advanced.

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