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Here I am working in the office on a Sunday & missing the Spanish GP. Geez. Aaaaaarrrgggh. That's my first GP missed in this season & almost about 2 years. I'm keeping track of what is going on thanks to the Official Formula 1 Website's Live Timing feature & its a Ferrari 1-2 as of now...

Ok, now since that's not taken my frustration at missing out on a GP, lets just say working in a totally empty (ok well almost empty but for the 6 of us) office is FUN :) No phone calls, no chatter, no people moving around. I guess it is fun to have an empty office once a week :)

Managed to finish the presentation for our project, with theju & rattle_snake. The documentation part still looms large.... but hopefully since I'm busy with other things, the above mentioned two will take care of that :)

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