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What is it that makes you get to know people & vice-versa in something like 3 days or less while you've been with/around them for almost 3 years?? As in, there were 3 freaking years & neither side did anything enough to get to know each other properly??

That just goes on to show that :

  • We are bad at getting to know people.

  • People do not want to take the initiative to get to know us.

  • Even though there were ample opportunities, none were actually made proper use of.

By properly I'm just referring to the level of camaraderie that exists between good friends. Yes there is effort required for that to happen, but then again, How much effort do you put in? At what stage? How soon? How late? Fine that its happened now, but what if it had happened earlier? How much would it have helped if at all?

Life is full of What if's? isn't it?

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