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Our project reports are finally ready for submission...bound, covered et al. Off to college tomorrow.

I was telling myself earlier that I should have seen Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can as it was supposed to be on Star Movies this month, & then settled for Vertical Limit. After that, I was channel surfing & voila... Catch Me If You Can was on Star & apart from missing the first 10 minutes, I throughly enjoyed the movie. Geeez, the guy has excellent Social Engineering skills & a good presence of mind. Now if only I could guess all the movies I wanted to watch on the day they're on air...would be fun ;)

I'm still learning how to use cdrecord. Have a coaster (brand new MoserBaer) as cdrecord decided to read beyond the source & gave up when it got a read error. Note to Self : Read man pages properly & don't blindly follow old manuals/how-tos.

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