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I guess I'm done

Our lovely university didn't want to let us go with bum fscking us, so yeah they did that with a nice Cryptography & Network Security paper. Actually can't really blame them & can't take all the blame for not studying either. I guess in the at the end of the day IPSec, PGP & Virii/Worms/Firewalls are what saved my arse. Atleast hoping they will.

Came back home & almost crashed when Spike decided to climb up & sleep on me. He slept for something close to like 45 minutes & I was just holding him in my arms....I didn't sleep, but those 45 minutes were really amazing. Can't actually find words to describe those moments. Felt at peace with the world after that.

Off to college to show our "Project Presentation" tomorrow. Gaaaah. My UPS batteries need to be replaced sometime soon as well.

Edit : This is long overdue. Please welcome another one of my juniors in college, r1229 to LJ :)

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