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7Ah Battries & the 3315

Went to the APC service center on Hosur Road & got a new battery for my UPS & replaced it. The UPS works fine now. Then went all the way to college only to find out that our guide was leaving for someplace, so he didn't have the time to see our presentation. Great. Went all the way to college for nothing.

Dad's office phone (the 5110i) got replaced by a second hand 3315 (still better than having a 5110i). So I'm playing with that now. Managed to change the Operator logo & now wondering how the hell can I change it back. My Gentoo box is undergoing an upgrade, will prolly take up until tommorrow later today for that to finish. In other news, my keyboard has been progressively failing. First it was the right control key & now it's the left shift (the one I use the most). Maybe i'll open it up & clean it tomorrow today or get a new keyboard/mouse combo. Haven't decided on that yet.

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