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My Sexy Keyboard & other stories

This is a Long post, didn't want to lj-cut it.

Got up at something like 1015, emerge was still doing stuff, so I was playing around with irssi in the meanwhile. Then all of a sudden I did realise that my keyboard was still sucky, so decided to fix that up. A complete cleanup took me about 2 & half hours, after which my keyboard is as good as new, wonderfully clean to touch & the keys feel energized ;)

My liking for wireless devices increased after reading this very nice comment from louiswu. I've decided that I'm making a post sometime in the future on LJ with a wireless keyboard, while I'm busy with someone else ;)

In other news, I had a junior from college come home & this was the convo we had :

[Bell rings, I open the door...]
Me: Hey
She: My mom knows your mom... [Note to Self : Learn how to start a convo]
Me: Come in please. [She enters with her mom]
She: I'm in 6th IS, I need the code for a File Structures project I'm doing [insert project name here].
Me: What's your name? [She gives me her name]
Me: I'm in CS, I never did FS projects.
She: Oh. [Looks away somewhere, like I just disappeared]
[Our Moms are having a small convo..]
She: Oh, I have a few floppies with the code, I'll get them, can you debug them for me? [ hahahaha. Yeah right.]
Me: I have an exam coming up on the 5th, so I can't. [Note to Self : NEVER help her]
She: Oh. [Looks away somewhere, like I just disappeared, again. I must be getting better than Houdini]
She: Do you know anyone else who'll have code? [Of course. Like our sole purpose is to debug/pass-on flicked code]
Me: Yeah, everyone's in the 8th sem, & we all have exams going on.

By then, they realised they're not getting anywhere with it, & left...prolly looking for someone else to get code from. BTW this was the same person who'd about 2 months earlier bugged rattle_snake for projects & ended up getting advice on "how to do your OWN project". Seems all the advice was worth nothing ;) Thank god she's not studying to be Doctor. Phew!!!!

Lastly, there are some very spineless people on Planet Earth. When will people learn to fight for their rights??? Makes me wish that I had the power to carry out what the FOTD suggested : /earth is 98% full ... please delete anyone you can. I'd have gladly deleted the ones who know what's happening to them isn't right, but don't have the balls to stand up & say so. I wonder how such people will survive in the real world? Keep sucking their oppressors to keep them happy seems the only way out.
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