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k3b Rulez :)

My Gentoo box was incomplete without a kickass CD Writing app & it did feel weird everytime X-CD-Roast hung my system (it works fine on RH9/FC1, & so far it is the ONLY thing that's hung my Gentoo box). The other day louiswu & myself were talking about K3B after which I decided to take the plunge & emerge k3b.

When I upgraded to kernel 2.6.6, I had a few issues with emerge nvidia-kernel, so had installed the drivers manually & certain OpenGL files hadn't been installed (that happens with an emerge nvidia-glx). Due to these chain of events emerge k3b happily failed citing some GL errors & this after about 10-15 MB of getting k3b and its dependencies.

Even after a couple of emerge syncs, the problem persisted & net-analyser/xtraceroute failed with the same error. Decently did an emerge nvidia-glx to rectify that (after foolishly posting a bug note on, & everything was fine. Problem was all these chaps needed the OpenGL headers, which weren't there.

First up, k3b has a nice Interface, maybe a bit too much like Nero's Wizard mode, but lots more options. KDEish looks, but who cares :)

This has turned out to be one of those decisions in life that I'll maybe never regret. Just did an On-the-fly burn of Knoppix 3.4 & that went thru fine :) (This is after I botched up a couple using cdrecord on the command line. k3b does a way more decent job with cdrecord than I do). I can now proudly say that whatever the hurry, I won't switch to Winblows to burn stuff. Someday I'll master (read I'll stop creating coasters with) cdrecord.

PS : Everyone's getting GMail Accounts. Moi's dying for one too.
PPS : louiswu, Give k3b a try :) Its worth it!!!!

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