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GMail, Yahoo! & Hotmail

At about 1500 hrs today, my GMail account came to life. I've moved most of my List email onto the account. I'm impressed with the way GMail displays emails as conversations. Its a nice, quick reference sort of feature & it keeps track of your replies as well, so if there's a loooong thread you're part of, this will be of immense help.

The filtering system can be improved, like maybe sorting into folders instead of by labels alone & then clicking on those to see mails of that type/listed under that label. And of course there's the cool auto-refresh that keeps checking for new emails once in every few minutes. The contacts interface is short & sweet too.

Overall, I'm just getting used to the service. I'm not going to be using keyboard shortcuts & stuff. As mannu pointed out earlier, a few things are missing, but nothing really bad. I'll do well with GMail especially for lists.

Yahoo! Mail increased my mailbox size to a 100 MB as well :D Talk about increased online storage space now. Hotmail are the only ones to be "left behind" in all this. Wonder what they're going to come up with, if anything. Bill's way too shrewd to sit around is my guess. Time will tell.

Update : My earlier problems were due to Akamai DNS Outages. Blah.

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