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United States Grand Prix

The USGP was surely the most incident prone GP so far this season. I really wanted Rubeno to win...nevertheless another Ferrari 1-2 & Sato getting on the podium for the first time.

The Safety Car came out thrice, Ralf Schumacher had a MAJOR accident & hit the wall out of the last turn into the Start-Finish straight & was stationary in his car for a scary amount of time. Another spectacular crash was that of Alonso's, with his tyre blowing out when his car was doing over 300 Kmph down the straight. Schumi did seem a little shaken up about the crash at the press conference & Rubeno was very pissed at not having won the race.

In other news, I'm still Jobless :D. Project work at Sify is due to finish on the 30th of this month. Sometime this week, DGM (Technology) will be coming down from Madras to see how the project has shaped up. Saw a bomb when I went to the Vet with Spike today in the morning & she had this massive (yeah, he was huge) German Shepard with her :D Spike's prolly the size of one of the other chap's legs. Geeez.

I'm having very little sleep these days, mostly coz I choose to sleep late (when I can do otherwise). I need sleep.

Portugal & Spain are Goalless in their match at half-time. Going to catch the rest of that one.

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