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Shivamani, Anuradha Sriram & Girlfriend

Before I begin, I guess everyone has those phases in life where you're hooked onto a song for a specific period of time. The period varies....sometimes its a week, sometimes way more or less. I'm hooked onto Girlfriend from the movie Boys. rythm & rattle_snake have been wondering why....I've been wondering why myself. It has nice lyrics & a nice tune. That's all. ....Girlfriends illa vazhkai waste allava?...(Isn't life without Girlfriends a waste?)...

So then, we decided to see Lakshya today. Was nice, pretty well made & what impressed me the most were the special effects. I haven't seen a Bollywood film with this kind of "clean" effect. Nice work, lovely movie. Don't miss it.

Dad's office celebrated their Foundation Day today. Shivamani is amazing on the drums & he did a jugalbandi with the panchavadyam (kerela type drums) played by someone whose name I don't remember. And this was after doing a solo for like 45 mins. Amazing. And then she came on stage. Anuradha Sriram. Geez boy does she have a great voice. And guess what she sang on someone's request? Girlfriend. w00t! I was screaming like nuts at the end of it.

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