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How not to delete partitions...

Did nice things to my system today. Started the Fedora Core 2 install & then for some reason decided to do a fresh install. Should have continued carefully instead of which I just did an fdisk /dev/hda & removed the partitions that held FC1. That's when I realised that /boot which was supposed to be /dev/hda9 was now /dev/hda7 & that my Gentoo / & /usr had moved up as well. And then it flashed. Oh Shit!!!

Rebooted to see Grub giving a nice Error 17. Gaah. Tried Knoppix, but grub-install refused to work even though the partition had write permissions. RedHat & FC's rescue modes weren't of any use as there weren't any RedHat/FC installs around anymore. The only option I didn't try was Gentoo's Live CDs. Finally installed FC2 to get grub back up than played in the command line to get it to boot into Gentoo & finally set things right.

Total time wasted due to screw-up : Afternoon Nap of about 3 hours. By the time I was done with all this, it was too late to sleep & had to take Spike for a walk.
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