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Ok, I'm supposed to be at home, but then I'm at the office. rattle_snake & myself decided to stay back for the night, after some loser at Sify MAA decided that we needed to remove the Run option from the Gnome menu(s) after sitting on his rear for the better half of a month.

So yeah after playing around, we've reached a point where we can do that. But still have other issues to sort out. In the meanwhile, try these commands in the Run Command... dialog box on RedHat 9 :) Don't know if they work on other versions though. Happened to chance upon them while poking around in gnome-run.c :

  • you shall bring us a shrubbery

  • supreme executive power

  • free the fish

  • gegls from outer space

  • End world hunger

3 & 4 are the nicest of them all & all commands are case-sensitive.

The VTU decided to announce our final sem results. I've managed to get a pretty decent score. The best part (or parts in this case) of it being a) I cleared Crypto & Network Security & b) I don't have to write VTU exams again c) I'm an Engineer for sure now!!! lol

Back to poking around in gnome-panel. Hopefully we're done by the morning.

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