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Are the Browser Wars Back?

Will Firefox make your computer hackproof? Even Mozilla's spokespeople stress that no software can be guaranteed to be safe, and that Firefox's XPInstall system could conceivably be tricked into installing a keystroke logger instead of Sun's Java engine. But for now, there's safety in numbers—the lack of them, that is. Internet Explorer is used by 95 percent of the world. Firefox's fan base adds up to 2 or 3 percent at most. Which browser do you think the Russian hackers are busily trying to break into again?

A really nice article by Paul Boutin on Slate which is basically owned by Microsoft. I'm still wondering how they've published this article which rips IE apart.


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Jul. 1st, 2004 11:34 pm (UTC)
firefox loaded
imo in an end-user non-geeky point of view, firefox can really beat ie's arse if there is at least one fully "loaded" installation package. i.e., basic browser + nice plugins + themes. although the basic broswer by itself is too good for ie, plugins would make it kick arse big time.

of course the immediate argument would be: why bundle plugins? if a user wants to, he'll download them. that's why i said: an end-user non-geeky point of view. things that people are non accustomed to do, they generally don't like it. for an end-user who's used windows all his life, chances are he hasn't downloaded or known of a "plugin"...
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