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Mobil Grand Prix de France, Wimbledon & Euro 2004

Yeah, I know this entry should have happened wayyyyy back, but for lots of reasons, didn't.

Schumi had a nice GP, some wonderful strategy & timing by Ferrari & Rubeno snatched third place from Trulli. Nuff said about the GP :)

Federer Vs Roddick has the potential to become the next Agassi Vs Sampras of Tennis, wonderful match (though I missed most of it) & was really nice to see Roddick taking the defeat in his stride.

Portugal lost. To the same team, by the same margin as their first match. Greece defended very well & their goalie did save a couple of real good shots.

And if there's one person in the world who'll be extremely happy to read what I'm going to say next, its theju D ™. We had UPS problems in the office the other day & so my uptime of 47 days odd was lost in about a second. Ah well, I'll take the chance to install Win2k (official need for the same).

Integrating other people's code isn't fun. Wonder how my PL manages to do that effortlessly. rattle_snake has been breaking his head with X for the whole of the day so far, with not much success.

PS : Love the lil ™ symbol next to theju's name :)) Maybe need an © too >:)

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