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What's with Snakey names??

Spent lots of time with anaconda, python, comps, hdlist et al ;) Hope to have a "first release" version tomorrow & a refined one by Thursday. That's exactly two days, should be possible. Or lets say has to be done.

Finally watched Gladiator. Yeah, I must be one of those last few souls on planet earth who hadn't watched this movie so far. Thankfully, I'm not in that list anymore. I'm still a little awestruck. Excellent movie & a nice break after all the slogging & rain-dodging.

Spike's now big enough to occupy more than half the bed. Fast asleep on it now, will have to move him to one side to make place for myself.

PS : If anyone saw this same entry 6 times, my apologies ;) DIAS is having packet drop issues & I'm having a tough time with LJ :D

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