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Bangalore Forward??

I had been to the Cantonment Railway station today to pick up a few relatives. They have a neat machine now to automatically print & dispense platform tickets once you've put in the right amount of change.

The positives : No need for a chap to sit in the station 24/7 issuing platform tickets and you are saved from the growls/stares/mumbles which you are entitled to :

a) In case you don't have the right change.
b) If the person issuing the tickets just feels upto it.

The machine is made in India (didn't see the place/manufacturer).

The downsides : It won't accept Rs. 2 + 1. You'll have to put in 3 one rupee coins. In case you need two tickets, you can put in 5 + 1, but if you put in a 5 rupee coin for a single ticket it won't return the change.

Overall, I'm happy to see that machine there ;) Now we'll have to see for how long it remains functional.

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