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I've managed to get my DIAS back to normal. The whole DIAS thing is like this : Say you have parallel lines in your house, the moment you switch on your modem, all parallel lines go dead (some electrical issue or something I'm not too sure about) & only the phone connected to the modem works. I'm hypothesising that the logic behind that is something similar to the path of least resistance concept. The line with the modem has more & the one without has less, so to prevent data loss they cut off all parallel lines.

Thanks to Mom, I found out late yesterday night that while the modem was on, both the lines were functioning. Pulled the other line out & things are back to normal. I guess I need to get the modem checked. Sure feels nice to have the old connection speed back.

PS : After a few calls to BSNL (this was about 2 days back) the lady could track down the problem as "somewhere between the modem & my comp". Will call her & tell her about this tomorrow.

PPS : A huge thanks to louiswu for the Pudhiya Mugam mp3 collection. Amazing songs.

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