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If you're one the food-loving types, you should go and eat at The Biryani Merchant. Amazing, extremely filling & tasty food!!!

I'd taken mom & dad out for lunch there today & it was worth it :) Started off with a couple of starters (Stuffed Capsicum & a Panner dish...forgot the name, both served with Mint Chutney) went onto the Veg Biryanis of the day i.e.; Rajma Biryani, Banana Pepper Biryani & Gatte ki Biryani with Tomato Raitha, Beetroot Raitha & Cucumber and Mint Raitha respectively. Had Phirni for dessert followed by the best Sulaimani Chai on the planet (after the Middle East). Just wonderful :)

I'm so full now that I'm going to sleep.

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