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Rant Alert. I've been pissed over the last two days...

We're having p p effing t p issues (tunnel drops) over at the iWay. One whole day gone trying to figure out why and tomorrow is another day. I also hate it when people who've not even touched Linux start saying crap like "It's not user friendly".

Then there are chaps who've not worked on RAID ever, who don't know what the dmesg command does, who type the command rpm -ivh filename.rpm as exactly that & come back saying the install failed. Oh & of course d00d's not heard of lsmod, modprobe etc & d00d was trying to get some device up on RedHat 8, he didn't even know what device. Oh wait he was mumbling about external something & then reverted to hard disk. d00d didn't know what a SCSI drive is or for that matter IDE. My answers were probably sounding so distant by the end of all this that he didn't call back.

He gets bloody paid for what he does. I'd love to have a chat with his boss.

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