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Lotsa things happening....

I'll start off from where I left...On Wednesday (the 11th), we managed to single out the problem & got the Linux version of the iWay client up & running in two machines at the RV Road iWay. Thursday was just testing out stuff, asking people to use it so we start getting some feedback. My Cousin & Niece were coming on Friday, so I took the day off.

On Saturday we were off to see KRS & Kabini (as my niece had seen KRS completely dry & wanted to see the dam with water). Stopped for an hour in Ranganthitoo on the way to KRS. I'll post the pics here sometime in the future. The sheer size of these dams are amazing!

Driving back was a little difficult with heavy rains near Mysore not helping at all. Slept a lot today & going to sleep again, in a bit ;)

And I'm very late, but Happy Independence Day!!

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