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The Winner takes it all

From the Times of India, dated 25th August 2004.

US swimmers (from left) the United States Amanda Beard, Michael Phelps, Jenny Thompson and Natalie Coughlin pose on a beach in Athens.

Olympic swimming champions Michael Phelps of the US and Inge De Bruijn of the Netherlands pose on Athlete Beach Day in Athens on Tuesday. Phelps won six gold and two bronze medals while Bruijn bagged a gold, two silvers and two bronzes.

Oh no wonder. They had an "Athlete Beach Day". Geez.

PS : The First pic I posted was black & white. Then found the color version on the Bombay edition & updated. I've decided that this is my "bitch about Phelps" day.

PPS : Blame bad image quality on the gifs.

The one thing that has improved in the ePaper is that it doesn't stop if you're not using IE. Just throws a warning that it might not me fully compatible & continues. Neat. Seems the chaps finally did something right.

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