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Movie Weekend

Been catching up on a lot of movies over the last 2 days... Friday night managed to see Daylight followed by Panic Room which was really good. Was rooting for Anju in between. Saw Big Daddy which was ok, good timepass stuff & then switched over to catch what I'd consider the best qualifying session in this season. Ferrari was awesome in the rain & both Steve Slater & Chris Goodwin had to shove their foot in their mouths as they'd happily predicted Ferrari couldn't do anything because of the rains. Rubeno & Schumi proved otherwise. Nuff said, see the race tomorrow :D

Missed the starting 10 minutes of The Recruit, but the movie was really nice. Cool stuff & I remember someone having a post on their journal about Bridget Moynahan (don't remember whom...could the OP be kind enough to leave a comment? ;) ) & boy she's cute. And Hot. And.... (/me can see teemus making another entry in his list lol).

Have quite a busy day lined up tomorrow today...& Athens 2004 draws to a close as well...

Nite All!

PS : Its pronounced Moy-nah-han? ;)
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