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2004 Formula 1™ Belgian Grand Prix

At last. After Sepang 2003, McLaren managed to get back on the top step of the podium at Spa 2004. A gap of about the number of races in a season & a half I guess. The car was fast & its engine didn't give up :) Kimi was amazing. D "Sucker" C can keep doing what he loves doing.....that's all he'll be doing. Overall, I'd rate this the best GP of this season. Lots of accidents, lots of excitement & lots of work for the Safety Car...

JPM should be kicked for taking Trulli out. He's getting a bit too aggressive for his own good.

In other news, The same lunatic who ran across the track (forgot the GP, he was wearing a scottish kilt) today disrupted the final event of the Athens 2004 Olympics, the Men's 40 Km Marathon. He apparently lunged onto a participant, hurling the man away quite a bit & the damage was done before he was apprehended. What an ass.

I'm off to catch the closing ceremony. Might fall asleep while I'm watching it as well.....

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