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SSH Forwarding

SSH is neat. With port forwarding setup, I can now access my computer @ work from home & vice versa. I'm really curious to see how the implementation is, because it simply needs port 22 to be allowed, outgoing. That's all. In case you're in a NATted condition as I am, you'll probably need another box somewhere in the middle to help with your connection, but works.

Nice page on SSH "Reverse Tunneling" or Port Forwarding. man ssh is enough as well, but I really didn't get it into my head with the man page.

This post was typed up on Gnome's LiveJournal Client, Drivel. Its a really neat client, they just released version 1.2.0 yesterday & its surely worth a shot. Gives Logjam a run for its money.

Update: Here is the link you requested teemus.

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