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4 Days in Madras

The train was about an hour & a half late, & we (rattle_snake & myself) had just about enough time to check into the Hotel & push off to Tidel Park. Spent almost the whole day there, its a massive office....& its was fun getting to know everyone across the the various teams....came back & crashed. We had an amazing room, its a relatively new hotel, the usual 3 Star stuff & excellent food!!!!!

Went about 30 mins late to the Induction Program as we kinda missed the place. Asked a team member in Madras & they directed us to a place about 10 Kms further down the road & away from where we were supposed to go. Went all the way & came back. Duh. Just managed to make it in time for the CEO's address (which was the start of the program). A few of the post lunch sessions were boring. The program ended @ 1915 & thanks to heavy rains, we went straight back to the Hotel. Had an amazing dinner & slept.

Went late again, this time slightly on purpose ;) Managed to piss of the Access Media chap :D & the rest of the day was fine! Came back to Tidel Park by about 1825 for our team meeting which kinda went on till about 2115. Chatted with the other chaps till about 2240 before heading back to the hotel for some really nice dinner.

Checked out of the Hotel, spent the day with relatives & headed back to B'lore.

Overall, I'm impressed with the way the city of Madras is shaping up. The MRTS is really starting to grow in the right direction....huge stations & at the right places like just opposite Tidel Park. Cuts down dependancy on road transport & should eventually help avoiding traffic jams and the congestion faced on local buses. Madras seems to be a more happening place right now, maybe that's because the grass is always greener on the other side???


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Sep. 14th, 2004 01:36 am (UTC)
yeah madras seems to handle itself as a city much better than bangalore. Pity about the weather and the fact that clean water is, umm... scarce?
They have really big plans for the MRTS:
Map showing future projects linking all the rail lines:

Also here is a plan for an expressway connecting sardar patel road and mahabalipuram with IT companies dotting it. Considering their track record it will get done soon. I was there in chennai when the 13 new flyovers were built, one bang in front of my college.For all the controversy about them, they got built in just 11 months without too much disturbance to the public. Nowhere were there traffic jams like the ones you see daily around dairy circle. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they built by L&T and not some god forsaken UP state bridge corporation.
Sep. 14th, 2004 01:47 am (UTC)
About the weather we really didn't bother coz we were "ACed" everywhere ;) At the hotel, in the office. With ACs the climate is very manageable, very much like the Gulf.

As for water...yes, that is an issue. As for the flyovers...you're bang on target....UP State Bridge Corp seems to be going nowhere..but then can't really blame them if they're not being paid on time etc.
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