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Phew!!! Back on Broadband

I didn't know Compex existed until today. My old Netgear Ethernet card was damaged beyond repair & since they don't have much of the brand around comp chap (as I call him) decided to shove this onto me.

It works on Linux. That's all I care about. That's a basic necessity. It came with a driver floppy for Windows. So far so good.


In other news, there are always people around who do that "extra" bit when you don't want them to. They interfere where its not needed & to top it all off, they ask questions in a manner that makes them sound like they own you when in reality they have nothing much to do with you. Such people also mess up lives.

If there is something I have talked about or written, ask me about it dammit, not someone else. Learn to move on. There are things you once did. You do something else now. Concentrate on that. Poking nose == Bad manners. Being a transmitter of info == Bad as well.

Grow up.


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