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I don't know if this is a problem only with Indians...something tells me that this exists in some form or the other all over the world.

So much of the things taught in schools & colleges (professional as well) is just spoon-fed. Open your mouth, shove the stuff in & be done with it. Even Engineering was a set of standard questions in the end, we all used to do some last minute studying, predicting what the most probable questions would be & go take the exam. Nothing is actually wrong with that if you have some practical knowledge to back it up.

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be any of that around. What the spoon-feeding is doing is killing any practical thinking. X sees a problem, X won't go & solve it, X will go and ask for a solution. Again, nothing wrong in learning that way, but what happens is X falls into that cycle. Keep asking. Every single time something is wrong, ask. Minor/Major ask. X can't add 2+2, ask. And pointing towards the solution doesn't seem to work either. Saying "X, look this how a similar problem was solved or 1+1=2" doesn't work. That's because all along X has been given problem & solution. Is the system to be blamed? Or the thousands of Xes who exist today? Then what about the non-Xes who've come through the same system? And how do the Xes survive???

I'll be frank & to the point. Most of my classmates & juniors in college would fit perfectly into the profile of X. One of them reinforced that yesterday. I'm no expert on anything but then unless you try to figure out a solution to an issue before asking for help, no amount of hand-holding is going to help.

I'm not saying don't ask for help. I'm saying try hard. Try for 2 days or a week. By that time you'll have found the solution. If not I'll be glad to help.
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