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Problems Galore?

The internal wiring in my house for my phone is messed. I'm going to kill the electrician chap who did the wiring. He's never done such shoddy work before, & now he seems to be making up for all that. Thanks to this, the phone doesn't work. Since any wiring inside the house is the owner's responsibility, BSNL rightly said they can't do anything about it & also verified that there was no fault in their line.

The whole of my area seems to be having major power problems. We've been having frequent power cuts over the last 2-3 days & its starting to get really annoying. Wonder what the problem is and when it'll be sorted.

Anyone driving around Bangalore in between 2115 & 2230 yesterday, would have seen how you can get f*cked by nature. Heavy rains & I had to make a trip to the Railway Station.....almost got hit twice for no fault of mine...managed to make the trip safely. Driving in the rain is fun, but you need to extremely cautious.

Update : I was very sleepy, so I edited this one to correct the numerous errors...
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