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Its been a good weekend, spent most of the 3 days lazing around and catching up on lost sleep (that's one never ending cycle...I just can't to seem to get enough sleep lol). Chatted for quite a bit with rythm & seems the dude is enjoying life in Trivandrum :)

Everything comes bunched up on a Sunday. First up the Manchester United Vs Arsenal match, which Manchester United won 2-0 :D (Can I hear all the Arsenal fans go boooo?? rofl) I had fun watching parts of that. Then there was Underworld. I managed to catch most of it, not enough to understand the story though (if there was any). Pretty good action and well....Kate Beckinsale. Geeez. They have ways of making the actor/actress fit into their roles. Just like Trinity couldn't have been played better by anyone other than Carrie-Ann Moss...And she looks cute as well.

The last F1 race of the season, the Brazilian GP is going on as I write this up....Montoya leads followed by Kimi and then Rubeno. Looks like this will be a close to catch that now.

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